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Venue booking procedure:

1.Please check at the venue office first for pre existing bookings to avoid conflicts. You cannot book at time periods where there are pre existing bookings. (Please refer to the NTOU Recreation center’s facebook page for the semesters bookings.)

2.After confirming that the time you chose does not conflict with existing bookings, fill out the booking application at the venue . If you need to pay a service fee, please prepare the exact amount as the office does not provide change.

Venue booking qualification:

1.Department staff and individuals can book for the current week under the condition that there is no booking conflict with pre existing bookings.

2. Each department can only have book the venue once per year for large department activities. Please discuss thoroughly with all concerned parties before submitting the proposal. The proposal is to be submitted to the activities office in the gymnasium building. (The proposal must include the department seal.)

3.The university has priority when it comes to bookings.

4.Students and staff are required to book through reservations.

5.For clubs and departments bookings intended for large scale activities for non campus groups, the non campus booking rules apply.

6.Teams representing the university are required to book through reservations.

7.A meeting will be held at the beginning of each semester to discuss venue booking scheduling and will be determined by lottery.